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Tattoo styles, designs, expressions, & inspirations.

  • Dr Pickles Original Paw Paw Balm and the rise of Chinas new obsession

    Dr Pickles Paw Paw Balm is being consumed at a record rate in China, HK, Korea and Japan and rapidly taking asia by storm.  It was only cool until it sucked said no famous person ever but this is one of them days when I have to sit back uncork a bottle of brutey shiraz and toast to the success we are achieving not only in Australia but now around the world and beyond!!  Having Dr Pickles products stocked in Australias biggest supermarket chain became the catalyst with the supermarket giant stocking both our Tattoo and Paw Paw Balms in every store across Australia.  It was this that made some pretty big players in the cosmetics game sit up and take note that there was this little family run business producing the highest quality All natural, Australian Grown, blended and hand crafted Paw Paw balm made with love (Papaya Carica fruit) for the love not of a job but of a passion.

    Off the back of the success of our premium Tattoo Balm and aftercare range its now our Paw Paw balms time to shine.  With a huge demand for our Paw Paw Balm coming out of China, HK, Japan and Korea we are having trouble keeping up with manufacture and supply.  "Theres alot that goes into our products and we use only the finest ingredients and the result is producing a far superior product" whose cult like status and limited supply adds to mystery, intrigue, and even more electric the pandemonium and mayhem that breaks loose when Dr Pickles hits the shelves of some of the coolest stores imaginable.

    "its pretty rad that the coolest kids in the world are digging out my products.  every cool kid in Asia has been posting up on Insta using Dr Pickles Paw Paw Balm.  I even think Psy from that hey sexy lady tune, Gangnam style!  haha that dope everyone in the world knows that guy I think he is still most viewed every on the tube? that pretty famous if you ask me.." Says co founder and entrepreneur Lukas.  With Dr Pickles Paw Paw Balm now being consumed by the stylish teens of Tianzifang in downtown Shanghai to the kool kids of Causeway bay Hong Kong. Our original character branding and unique packaging has found its spiritual home on the lips of real life characters on the streets of Harijuku and on the shelves of high end lifestyle stores of the iconic fearless fashion policed Gangnam district of Seoul South Korea.

    We are planning to visit Asia in the coming months to meet our loyal fans and visit the many stores that help get our products to market.  We will be having a 10% discount on our Paw Paw Balm using code #PAWPAWFAM  on our website to show our appreciation.  Thanks for the support we endeavour to continue to bring the highest quality Paw Paw products in the world to the people.


    Paw Paw Paw Paws

    Dr Pickles is proud to announce we will be attending the prestigious Rites Of Passage Tattoo and Arts Festival at the beautiful Royal Exhibition Building in beautiful Carlton Gardens in Melbourne Victoria.  This festival is the pinnacle of all tattoo and arts conventions in Australia and we are really excited to be there this year.  In the booth we will have the two very talented BOLD and Traditional artists Will Duncan from Whiskey Lane Tattoo on the Gold Coast and Dan X Edge from Shinko tattoo in Albion Brisbane.  The lads have some awesome traditional flash specially prepped for the big weekend so if your into traditional, old school, bold and bright electric tattooing then come by the booth and get something TRAD.   Also joining us from Seoul Korea will be tattoo enthusiast and all round tattoo encyclopaedia Chelsea Yo Pickles.  We look forward to an awesome weekend catching up with our loyal fans, artists and studios.  If your in the hood please come down and say hello and even get tattooed.  Cant wait its going to be EPIC!

    For more info check out this link



  • Complete Tattoo aftercare and Tattoo

    TattooPremiumPack_WEBDr Pickles and The Original SIN have teamed up to bring you everything you need for your NEW tattoo. A combination of 75g Dr Pickles premium tattoo aftercare balm, Dr Pickles 50ml antibacterial tattoo foaming wash together with The Original SIN suncare; worlds best dry touch SPF 50+ tattoo sunscreen with ALOE VERA and VITAMIN E will heal your NEW tattoo and protect it from the sun to keep your ink looking the best it possibly can. Dr Pickles and The Original SIN have combined our most popular products and bundled them together for your convenience. You can now get all your favourite tattoo aftercare products conveniently all in one complete tattoo aftercare pack.

  • 48Hr- 50% Discount Sale for our loyal customers crashed the internet!!

    Huge thank you to everyone who has used the special discount code that was sent out exclusively to our loyal customers over the weekend during our first ever HUGE 50% discount web-store sale.  The 48hr sale event was ridiculously successful and not only wiped out all our merchandise stock but it actually crashed our server and site.  We would like to personally thank all our loyal customers who have been there from day one and supported our little bespoke brand and made it what it is today.  We had no idea the event would be so popular and had no idea so many "Picklesheads" are out there willing to part with their hard earned for some of our finest tattoo balm, tattoo antibacterial foam wash, all natural Paw Paw balm and of course our cult like T-shirt and merchandise.  We are so proud and happy that so many people out there are wearing our merchandise and representing Dr Pickles on the street!! Once again thanks to everyone who ordered for some there may be a couple of days delay while we get new stock in so we appreciate your patience as we work our hardest to get everyones orders out ASAP.  Also please spread the word that Dr Pickles is now available in every Woolworths supermarket find your nearest store here in the country so show your love and go out buy our tattoo and paw paw balm.  Also keep an eye out on this blog for upcoming sales events.

    Boxes filled with orders are stacked to the roof ready for shipping!!! Boxes filled with orders are stacked to the roof ready for shipping!!!
  • Dr Pickles @ Sydney Tattoo and Body Art Expo March 11- 13 2016

    Dr Pickles will be teaming up with our good friends at The Original Sin for this years tattoo and body art exhibition in Sydney.  We featured there last year with Miss Ink Winner Sarah Gray and our pro team sponsored artist @bennett_tattoo and we were blown away by the national and International talent on display.  So its a good thing to check that list and try jump ahead and get booked in as you don't want to be left disappointed missing out on a walkup spot  This year we are doing things a little bit differently and will be creating a cool little space where everyone can come by and have a hang out with the Dr Pickles and Original Sin crew.  We will be doing loads of show specials, giveaways, samples, photo shoots and our Ol famous PaPas special batch moonshine… Good times ahead, we can't wait to catch up with everyone so please if your in Sydney that wknd make sure you come hang out with us and show us your tattoos.

    *tip check out legendary international artist Paul Booth and a couple of my local favourites Dan Edge, Onnie Oleary and Reece Mobbs

    setting up our tattoo balm booth setting up our tattoo balm booth
  • Dr Pickles Tattoo Aftercare and Paw Paw balm hit shelves in Woolworths nation wide

    We are very proud to announce that the good people at Woolworths and the hard working monkeys here at Dr Pickles have now made tattoo aftercare available in every town or city Australia wide.  After a crazy couple of weeks working out the logistics of delivering our famous tattoo balm to 961 Woolworths supermarkets on our great nation.  We are very grateful to Woolworth's for the opportunity to distribute our great products through through such an iconic Australian company.  Now that it is available in every shop from Humpty Doo - Hobart we need our loyal customers to lead the way and educate the rest of the country on premium tattoo aftercare.  The old nappy rash cream needs to take a back seat and now you guys have spoken, we have listened.  Now its available at the everyones easiest convenience go out and buy a tube for yourself or anyone you know getting a tattoo.  Send in your pics of our products on the shelf from all over Australia we want to know where you are buying your Dr Pickles Products.


    CoolalingaNT CoolalingaNT
  • Woolworths now stocking Dr Pickles!!

    Today we are proud to announce our good friends at Woolworths (Australia's biggest grocery chain) will be stocking Dr Pickles Tattoo and Paw Paw Balm on their shelves.  What has been almost a year in the making has finally come to fruition with Dr Pickles being rolled out in over 950 stores Australia wide.  We get inundated with emails every day asking us where our products are available so it seems like the most logic fit to make our products available in almost every major town/city in Australia.  Everyone here at Dr Pickles would like to thank everyone who has supported us along the way and made this dream a reality.    Please continue to show us your support and pick up a tube of the Dr's finest next time your doing your shopping!  We would also like to thank Woolworths for the opportunity and platform to make our products more accessible to the general public.


    stacks to the ceiling stacks to the ceiling
  • Tattoo History of Australia

    I came across a very cool Instagram page yesterday while scrolling mindlessly down and down, the picture that had my thumb screeching in reverse was washed in 80s nostalgia reminiscent of a time that I grew up in a small coal mining town listening to Jimmy Buffett and The Bangles records.  A time when only the toughest, roughest or coolest types would proudly display their tattoos.  Before sleeves and neck pieces were "in" there was a time when tattoos were a rite of passage.  Before social media the best way to find an artist or get a tattoo was by word of mouth or to simply go to a popular studio, cross your fingers and point at the walls of flash.  This created a close knit industry and Australian tattooist became some of the most sought after on the planet.  Names like Billy Phillips, Chris Cashmore, Entwhistle, Tony Cohen, Pete Davidson, Darkie Thompson,  Les Bown, Kevin Coppin, Alex 'Painless' Chater,  Bernhard Olszewski, Pete Rocky, Dickie Reynolds  have paved the way and set the foundation for what is now a golden time in tattooing.. I could go on for hours so if Australian tattoo history is something that interests you check out one of the coolest Instagram accounts ever.  @australiantattoohistory  

    Aftercare keep it simple!! Even the old schoolers will tell you that Aftercare keep it simple!!
    Even the old schoolers will tell you that
  • Tattooed Supermodel Phoebe Therese is Mindblowing

    Today was a great day for Dr Pickles, not only did we send out pallets and pallets of stock all around the world I also got an email from tattooed supermodel Phoebe Therese.  Fingers crossed will we be working together at next months Sydney Tattoo and Body Art Expo.  Dr Pickles will also be teaming up with The Original Sin crew in a huge booth with 2 in house artists on board.  Here is a sneak peak of what you can expect, hope to see you there,

    IMG_20151208_112147 IMG_20151208_112640_resized_1 IMG_20151212_191643 IMG_20151212_191938
  • Great Wall of Tattoo Balm

    We have been very busy here at HQ packing and boxing orders for our loyal customer base.  Thought I would post this pic of what we have been doing for the last 2 days straight..  The stock you see in the pic is part of a new wholesale partner that has come on board to make Dr Pickles Tattoo Balm the most widely available tattoo balm on the market today.  The colaboration has been a long time in the making and on Friday we will be announcing to the world who what why and where you can join the movement.  We need your support with this to make it successful and don't forget to spread the Dr Pickles LOVE!!

    10k tubes ready to go 10k tubes ready to go

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