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A trade wind voyage in search of new traditional skin treatments and remedies guided the doctor to the tropical islands of the southern seas. He returned to Holland with his beloved new wife and a mystical fruit of the Gods, traditionally known as PawPaw (Carica Papaya). Immediately he began experimenting with the mysterious fruit. Papaya had been used for thousands of years, but now Dr Pickles had unlocked its ancient secrets with his scientific key.

With careful engineering he perfected a combination of fermented paw paw's uniquely rapid healing properties with his popular remedies. He created what people described as his genius stroke, better known as Dr Pickles Original Formula. The cream was an instant success and became the remedy of choice for the many tattoo artists, sailors and mermaids of the Old Port of Amsterdam. Today we are proud and honored to uphold our founding father's tradition of producing a unique premium tattoo balm with Dr Pickle's expert seal of approval

The legend began in late 17th century in the Old Port of Amsterdam where the ingenious Dr van Picklestein was brewing his unique brand of concoction, elixirs and remedies. He developed what has now became the infamous, Dr Pickles Original Formula.

Post Tattoo Care We love tattoos and body art. We love Dr Pickles the tattoo cream perfect for post tattoo care. We use it and we want to share this amazing tattoo aftercare lotion with you... and the world. As far as a tattoo cream goes, we've tried many, and none can even stand close to Dr Pickles tattoo cream original formula. To see what we've been up to lately, please visit our blog.


Dr Pickles premium tattoo balm is a unique blend of old and new remedies specially formulated for the soothing of healing tattoos. The original tattoo cream formula is a combination of natural ingredients designed specifically to aid in the preservation of body art and healing tattoos. Reducing skin dehydration and scab formation will ensures that your healing tattoos will result in the best possible appearance. The original formula is based on the Papaya (carica papaya) pawpaw fruit well known for its unique healing properties which is great for tattoo aftercare. The fruits medicinal history dates back hundreds of years and with such a diversity of uses, it is no wonder that the rest of the world is fast catching on to the usefulness of this exceptional natural skin treatment, and why Dr Pickles is such a huge success in post tattoo care.


...Dr Pickles is great for healing tattoos and tattoo aftercare...


Not only are we passionate about post tattoo care, we like to see that it has maintained its great colour and shading with defined lines and edges. Keeping the quality result is influenced by the tattoo aftercare methods and the products used in the assistance of healing tattoos. Dr Pickles tattoo aftercare lotion will provide  properties needed for post tattoo care and healing tattoos, so that the tattoo will look great for years to come.




Dr Pickles original formula tattoo aftercare lotion contains the following ingredients:


Papaya, Paw Paw, (Carica Papaya) a tropical fruit known for having remarkable healing properties is in the Dr Pickles tattoo cream. It is a long time favourite for dry and damaged skin, products containing the fermented papaya possess high levels of vitamins A and C, making it a perfect ingredient for post tattoo care and healing tattoos. Its medicinal history dates back hundreds of years and with such a diversity of uses, it is no wonder that the rest of the world is fast catching on to the usefulness of this exceptional natural skin treatment, but it has been the base of our cream since we began.


Dr Pickles Aftercare CreamD-Panthenol (Vitamin B5) is the ingredient in Dr Pickles tattoo cream that improves and increases the moisture retention in the skin, known as the moisturising effect. It makes dry skin softer and more elastic, an important part of healing tattoos and post tattoo care. Vitamin B5 has anti-inflammatory effect and soothes irritated skin as well as stimulating healthy reproduction and helps to heal minor wounds - like those caused by the blessed tattoo gun. D-Panthenol not only provides water to the skin surface but it also penetrates deep into the epidermis to retain water within the skin, which is great for healing tattoos.


...Dr Pickles is the preferred tattoo balm for healing tattoos...


Allantoin, also in Dr Pickles tattoo aftercare cream, is well known and used for its unique soothing, anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and calming properties. This is typically used for wounds, sores, skin lesions, lacerations and is exceptionally good for tattoo aftercare. Why? Because it is used to stimulate regeneration of skin cell tissues, making it essential in a great tattoo cream - and we have the best. Allantoin is also rich in Vitamin U which has a skin softening action, providing benefits through skin hydration and soothing. Allantoin is a derivative of Aloe Vera, which is well known for its skin healing properties and use in tattoo aftercare lotion.




Almost as important in tattoo aftercare lotion is what it DOESN'T have in it. We hold dear the post tattoo care teachings of Dr Pickles and know that he would rise from the dead to punish us if we let any Petroleum products, Lanolin, Perfumes or Parabens near his tattoo cream. We are passionate about keeping Dr Pickles tattoo cream that way, so that we know you are getting the best tattoo aftercare product. 




It usually takes about a month for healing tattoos to finish up, although with quality post tattoo care products like ours, you can shave some time off that - not to mention get through it with less swelling and discomfort. While it is all fun and games, body art is art and needs to be taken care of - if you don't, you could get an infection or worse - you could ruin the colour or shape of your tatt. 


Eins - A tattoo is a wound. A great-looking wound, but a wound all the same, and so needs great post tattoo care and a great tattoo balm. That's why the artist will cover your ink with a sterile bandage. Showing off can come later, for now, listen to your artist and keep bacteria away by leaving the cover on for at least 2 hours. After that, cover up again if you're going to bed or wear heavy clothing that will rub the surface of the tattoo.


...using Dr Pickles tattoo cream stimulates skin regeneration which is great for healing tattoos...


Zwei - Gently wash the tattoo. Don't use a cloth or anything abrasive, just water and anti-bacterial soap if you have some, this helps healing tattoos and assists in the post tattoo care. Don't submerge the tattoo in water for too long and have the water as hot as you can stand it (if you're hardcore and have a high tolerance against burns, think of what a regular person would class as a hot shower). The heat helps with healing tattoos by opening your pores and allowing more of the excess ink and blood to pass out of the skin, as well as any dirt or grit that has collected.


Drei - For the best tattoo aftercare results, apply a quality tattoo aftercare cream like Dr Pickles Tattoo Cream. The tattoo balm is pretty damn cheap and when your tatt looks ten times better than your tight-arse mates, you'll be glad you did. So be ready and get your tattoo balm today.


...start your road to an excellent healing tattoo by using Dr Pickles tattoo aftercare lotion...




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